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Paul McCartney and the Frog ChorusWe All Stand Together (Duet)
Golden NotesYes
Date26.11.11 - 11:26
Created byears
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Audio Samplekein sample vorhanden!
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Comments by users (two cents)
15.12.11 - 22:04 | leaby
ears - thanks again for doing this. Finally got chance to test it, and it"s a really good .txt well done!

26.11.11 - 19:13 | ears
This one IS the duet!

This song was a bit of a problem. It"s created to go with the video version. But every video I could find for it was speeded up - so much tha to match the pitch I had to play everything in the key of C# (the song was recorded in C).

So if you find a better version of the video than me, you might need to move everything back down one semitone and decrease the BPM a bit.

If you find the same rubbish version of the video that I found then you"ll be fine!

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