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Yeah Yeah YeahsHeads Will Roll
Golden NotesYes
Date15.03.19 - 17:17
Created byBluescreen
Song edited by:daggeg
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Comments by users (two cents)
15.03.19 - 19:25 | daggeg
I realized I had gotten a few notes incorrect. And while correcting them I also fixed the words consisting of more than a syllable.

22.05.13 - 20:31 | daggeg
The same goes for long syllables which are not stressed in the end. Since the vocals sometimes go up and down as sinus curves the latter part of a syllable might go unegistered by the microphone if it"s not stressed enough/not enough volume (digital form=cutting the thresholds). So if you put the timings exactly the way they are being sung in a song you might have to sing it in an artificial flatline voice in order to score points since you would loose points if you followed the rhythm of the ups and downs of the vocalist. I.e., you would have to sing in a different way compared to the vocalist to maximize your scores when doing the longer syllables format. I"m not sure if I"m totally clear here?

22.05.13 - 20:19 | daggeg
When it comes to the quick changes in pitches, as in "the men cry out" part, I nowadays have the songs going in super slow-mo in VLC to find out what the pitches are. I find it really helpful.

And the thing with the syllables, I used to do that myself. But I had a change of mind after having gotten som criticism here for stretching the syllables too far. So these days I prefer mathcing the syllables to the timings in terms of how they are being sung. I.e., if there is a sound like "sh" or a hard consonant, that phonem is impossible for the microphone to register and is therefore left out. And here by the singing experience is enhanced since you don"t have to sing in any other way than the vocalist in the song.

22.05.13 - 20:10 | Bluescreen
daggeg: In my opinion the changed syllabes are too short. But it"s definitely easier to sing now since you have more time to adjust your voice to the vovels. The "the men cry out" part simply is a hard one. I am unable to tune the syllables by ear. I just can"t tell whether a syllable sounds different because of another vovel ("men" vs. "cry" ) or whether it"s actually a different pitch.

22.05.13 - 20:01 | daggeg
I didn"t mean to be rude in my last comment, I was in a tight spot when writing it.

From what I recall I actually changed som timings, the ones for Karen"s screaming because they were either too late or too early (don"t really remember).

22.05.13 - 19:10 | daggeg
How is the timing off? The timestamps were too long in some places before and I haven"t moved the timings. Where do you find the pitches being wrong? For instance, the pitches were not correct for the "men cry out..." part before.

22.05.13 - 18:00 | Bluescreen
daggeg: Now the timing is a bit off and the pitches sound wrong to me. But it"s hard to make them out since Karen is sings as if she was screaming, so I guess your version is better than mine.

30.04.13 - 15:20 | daggeg
I"ve corrected a few pitches.

13.04.13 - 14:55 | iLoveMusic
Sehr gute Arbeit!!
Ich arbeite grad am A-Trak Remix aus Project X.
Ich denke, dass ich die .txt Datei noch heute hochladen kann
Update: Song fertiggestellt und hochgeladen! Ich musste noch einige Tonhöhen aus diesem Original hier verändern und verfeinern. Meine Arbeit müsste nun demnächst in der Songliste erscheinen.

12.04.13 - 18:33 | DjangoFett
Perfect, thanks!

12.04.13 - 10:14 | Bluescreen
Passend zum offiziellen Video: http://vimeo.com/5215274

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