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Ed SheeranShape Of You
Golden NotesYes
Date02.02.17 - 00:42
Created byQuantenspringerXXX
Song edited by:QuantenspringerXXX
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Comments by users (two cents)
18.02.17 - 14:10 | plutze173
offical video still doesn´t fit. at the end of the vid there is a very short break, after that it get´s out of sync

17.02.17 - 09:33 | chocorolls
correction works perfectly!

14.02.17 - 18:34 | QuantenspringerXXX
for me, just using the lyrics mp3 and the video mp4 works fine - the video does not really need to be perfectly synchronized since Ed does not sing in the video.

12.02.17 - 14:47 | plutze173
hey great work, but the video version doesn´t fit. at the end the version gets out of sync.

01.02.17 - 10:32 | QuantenspringerXXX
Thx for the comment - I uploaded the correction, should be replaced quite soon

01.02.17 - 09:44 | chocorolls
When starting the song in performous, I see an overlapping notes warning. I can not tell you exactly where, but would you might have a look at it?

THX for the video update

31.01.17 - 11:11 | uweotto
Das offizielle Video ist draußen:

27.01.17 - 18:22 | QuantenspringerXXX

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