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Rea GarveyKiss Me
Golden NotesYes
Date05.12.18 - 19:54
Created byaac
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Comments by users (two cents)
07.12.18 - 16:05 | aac
bohning. I think you are right. But the reason why I don"t adapt it to the video version is, that often the video version is different to the normal "radio version". And most of the people hear that songs on the radio (me too). So people that know the radio version and don"t know the video version may be confused if they sing karaoke to a version of the song that they never listened to before.

I hope you understand what I mean.

07.12.18 - 13:41 | bohning
aac: out of curiosity - why are you not adapting the songs directly to the video version? I think almost anybody would prefer it. Don"t you think?

In any case, thanks for being such an active song creator!

06.12.18 - 16:28 | aac
this should fit:

05.12.18 - 21:26 | bohning

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