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Dropkick MurphysRose Tattoop
Golden NotesNo
Date14.11.20 - 20:51
Created bymechinger2000
Rating (1)
Audio Samplekein sample vorhanden!
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Comments by users (two cents)
21.11.20 - 18:22 | fepo
Many Words and lots of lines to edit. I need a little time
@mechinger2000 Here is a Video with a little Tuning and Pitch lesson from me

19.11.20 - 19:46 | fepo
I will fix it

19.11.20 - 16:19 | mechinger2000
I love this song , too. So i tried to make it by myself. It was my first tabbing and i didnT know how I can make the notes. If someone have a little description, how I can make a song perfect I would love to try it again

16.11.20 - 12:11 | Stefan1200
All notes are 0. Also there are minor timing issues every some lines (line starting some milliseconds to late or to early). And a minor text issue around minute 2:40.

Since I love this song, I would be happy if someone can fix this.

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