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Date26.02.08 - 20:22
Created byCanni
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Comments by users (two cents)
13.08.17 - 01:22 | saberhagon
i had to really play with the gap and finally got it perfect at least to me. my gap is at 10230 for this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S9bCLPwzSC0

also used a converter to use that video as the song to.

20.06.11 - 17:47 | newaznaround
Lyrics is out of sync

08.12.10 - 02:01 | sharkbate
wow this is good but HARD! jdster4ever just push "e" when ur in the song selector and you can change that.
look at step 17

29.09.10 - 11:11 | meinzer
Hi Leutz,
also die File ist super, absolut synchron. Danke für die Arbeit, muss harte Arbeit gewesen sein, diesen Song zu tappen Danke!

16.08.10 - 19:23 | jdster4ever
this i very badly off sync by about 3 secends

06.11.09 - 18:12 | Mr. Chong
Rap-Teil ist cool
leider fehlt die Refrain-Melodie

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