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AbbaTake A Chance On Me [DUET]
Golden NotesYes
Date03.09.10 - 14:14
Created byears
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Audio Samplekein sample vorhanden!
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Comments by users (two cents)
04.09.10 - 10:03 | ears
The P1 and P2 entries have not been saved in the database but it"s easy to add them and the two parts are still in sync.

Create a new line after the last line that starts with a # but before the first one that starts with a : number. On the line put


Now scroll down through the : numbered lines. The leftmost number will keep increasing. Eventually the numbers will change to low ones.

Create a new line afte the line with the highest number and before the line with the low number. On the new line put


Now save the file and it will work as a duet in Brunzel"s mod.

03.09.10 - 15:07 | ears
This song is a duet, intended to work ONLY with Brunzel"s duet mod. It is unlikely to work with Ultrastar dx 1.1 RC.

See the link below for more information on Brunzel"s duet mod.


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