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Disney’s AladdinA Whole New World [DUET]
Golden NotesYes
Date06.10.10 - 21:31
Created byleaby
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Comments by users (two cents)
31.12.21 - 00:31 | Alfons


17.01.13 - 14:32 | NJK
It"s good if you copy and paste the file details into a new TXT file. The words is 0.25 seconds too early, other than that is good.

22.02.12 - 01:19 | Picco

i checked the txt with "http://songparser.ultra-star.de/". saved it, and now it works fine. thx for your help!

22.02.12 - 01:05 | Silverbeam
This error-message already uccured in the 1.0.1a and is therefore not specific to the CMD-Mod. It rather is kind of a legacy

Please check if there are no empty lines between the header and the body of the txt, after you have entered the duet-tags, as this error usually refers to an empty part of the txt-body.

21.02.12 - 23:01 | Ankhman
UTF8 would be specifically mentioned in the error-log. the solution to that is to copy/paste the content into a new txt-file.

one of my examples is
1) Could not load txt/txd File, no Notes found ... but i think, a better way to solve this is to aks in the usdx-forum

21.02.12 - 20:08 | bohning
Maybe the file is encoded in UTF8? CMD can"t handle UTF8, so maybe that"s why it is complaining...however, I"m just guessing.

21.02.12 - 16:09 | Ankhman
nope sorry .. same here - no idea. luckily its only with a few, but never the less annoying. cope/pasting the content into a fresh txtfile isn"t helping either.

21.02.12 - 11:38 | leaby
Hi Picco - I often get that error with various .txt files, but there never seems to be a logical reason as to why it happens! Does anyone else have any ideas?

For now I"d suggest maybe re-saving the .txt and starting over. Sorry I can"t be more help!

21.02.12 - 11:07 | Picco
in ultrastar cmd appears in the error-txt: "Could not load txt/txd File, no Notes found". Do you have any idea? Thx for your help!

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