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10CCDreadlock Holiday [VIDEO]
Golden NotesYes
Date22.03.12 - 14:35
Created byAnkhman
Song edited by:fepo
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Comments by users (two cents)
22.03.12 - 14:56 | fepo
No Problem ...

And Yes, my Family are Grandmaster Flash and the furious Five...

22.03.12 - 14:40 | Ankhman
thank you, grandmaster fepo *grin*

22.03.12 - 14:18 | fepo
So i have done it with the Finetuning

22.03.12 - 06:59 | Ankhman
the original is the SC]-song from Canni, so credits to him.

had to do this, because his fits to the album version, but for the vid it"s too long and there were some small txt- and note-issues

and .. here is the official vid from 1978

might need a bit finetuning, because i do not have the time to proof sing it before the weekend

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