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AviciiWake Me Up
Golden NotesYes
Date16.07.13 - 16:34
Created bysnake84
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Comments by users (two cents)
30.12.16 - 02:22 | Yvanna
I have uploaded an already done video friendly version

07.02.15 - 11:49 | Araidian
still wrong in the middle

06.02.14 - 08:18 | thiencao
Shift+Ctrl+Alt+Right Key at the beginning of the second part to move it to 1856. Thanks Andre! And the text was NOT made for the video. You have to adjust the second part.

12.10.13 - 15:56 | Andre05
the txt its not right , but i managed to edit the song right in the program just change the begginig of the second part to 1856 and its great (i didn"t knew that i could edit the song in the program ), thanks

11.10.13 - 13:50 | Silverbeam
This txt has been done for the radio-version posted by fepo.

If you want to use it for the video-edit, you have to move the last part with the key-combo Shift-Ctrl+Alt and the right arrow key.

11.10.13 - 12:48 | Andre05
Can you fix these, please, the middle gap is not right

10.09.13 - 10:55 | Seraphim
needs a bit longer gap in the middle to fit to the video version as well. good job

24.07.13 - 12:22 | fepo

17.07.13 - 01:03 | snake84
Teamwork with Silverbeam Big thanks to him! Adjust gap to suit radio or video version.

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