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AviciiHey Brother
Golden NotesYes
Date17.10.13 - 13:51
Created bysnake84
Rating (11)
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Comments by users (two cents)
10.11.13 - 20:14 | minimonster7

20.10.13 - 06:07 | lozboorman
good team work i say!

20.10.13 - 01:45 | snake84
A few more updates made by Silverbeam today. Sorry about all the updates Just a good teamwork to make it great!

18.10.13 - 11:03 | snake84
fepo missed out a few changes of pitches in the second part of the song. This is now updated so download the song once again. Sorry for the inconvenience.

17.10.13 - 14:59 | snake84
Thanks to fepo for helping me with pitches! This is the album version and suits with lyrics video version:

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