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Disney’s FrozenLet It Go
Golden NotesYes
Date19.02.14 - 20:40
Created byRelara
Song edited by:fepo
Rating (33)
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Comments by users (two cents)
08.12.15 - 22:12 | bohning
Kal El, gibt es ganze vier mal hier, bspw. dieses hier: http://usdb.animux.de/?link=detail&id=18719

08.12.15 - 00:33 | Kal El
schade ich hätte das gerne für meine kleine auf Deutsch gehabt...

29.12.14 - 20:56 | farfix
Excellent! Works great

14.12.14 - 23:21 | jeancomp
muito bom

30.10.14 - 11:23 | Mirinee
.Makes everything seem small] it is "seem", not "seems". Just a minor grammar thing.

.And the fears that once controlled me] it is "fears" not "fear", and "the" is the same note as "And": "8" not "10".

.Can"t get to me at all] "to" is the same note as "get": "20" not "22".

It would be nice to get the shake in at the final "let it go" instead of having it the same as the previous times. I don"t know how to edit the timing.

Overall not bad.

01.08.14 - 14:51 | Marzaru
Funktioniert Einwandfrei und vielen Danke dafür. Meine Freundin strahlt wie ein kleines Kind ^^

21.06.14 - 08:41 | bibialice
It"s work for me !

21.06.14 - 00:45 | ai-chan
tririgd117 I think you did something wrong, because this TXT works just fine, actually it is very good. So please check YOUR settings before you leave a comment like this.

20.06.14 - 22:51 | tririgd117
it doesnt work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

16.06.14 - 18:45 | SpannieG
Hi I am new, how do I download version of this song to play on the Ultrastar software?

19.03.14 - 19:24 | bcmpinc
For the version on the Frozen soundtrack cd, I had to change the gap and bpm to:

28.02.14 - 01:52 | okirenka
I opened the site hoping to find this song and it was the 1st featured one, thanks <3

19.02.14 - 14:23 | keenan
fepo Thanks for your feedback. I appreciate it. I corrected the txt today, now it starts at 0. Changed GAP to 15060. Corrected that last pitch in "let it go" you pointed out to me, I also tried fixing a few timings and added a few more golden notes. I don"t think I can do much more. If I try to correct some more, I feel it could end up being worse
If you have the time feel free to fine-tune what you think needs improving. I don"t know if you can change my song, if you can"t send me a pm and I will change it and credit you.

18.02.14 - 20:08 | Basti
fepo Can you upload your Version? Or can you send it to me?

18.02.14 - 03:48 | mhbizl
This is one of the best TXT"s i have ever downloaded

04.02.14 - 10:23 | fepo
Hi keenan, your TXT must start at 0 not at 5. Some finetuning corrections must be done. At the Pitches are only some wrong.

For no Expert, is this a very good TXT.

At home i have done these corrections for me.

The Chorus is so:

: 920 2 17 Let
: 924 2 19 it
: 928 14 20 go
: 948 2 15 let
: 953 2 24 it
: 957 6 24 go
: 965 7 22 ~

03.02.14 - 14:38 | yochingy

03.02.14 - 03:20 | haimmaik

21.01.14 - 10:59 | Voegelchen
thanks for the the txt

21.01.14 - 03:09 | kurokitsune91
I have been hoping for this ever since I saw the movie. THANKS A BUNCH! <3

20.01.14 - 23:14 | sansa
Thank you so much! I was looking for this song in german as well, but I couldn"t find it, so I just translated the txt.-file (just for me. It"s your work after all).
But for both songs I had to turn down the GAP a bit (13610 for the english version). Non the less great job!

I would love to see more songs from this movie

20.01.14 - 14:45 | keenan
Thanks for the feedback. I corrected the note in question along with many other notes and timings. Please download again. I"m no expert, i just do my best.

20.01.14 - 00:17 | SuperGURU
Thanks for creating a Frozen song! Would love to see more .

Vocaluxe writes an error in his log stating:
6) Warning: Ignored note with length < 1 in line #360 (E:VocaluxeSongsIdina Menzel - Let It Go.txt)

15.01.14 - 23:17 | keenan
Synced for this video and audio.

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