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Blind GuardianMr. Sandman
Golden NotesNo
Date22.07.08 - 13:19
Created bymattronic
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Audio Samplekein sample vorhanden!
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Comments by users (two cents)
03.02.12 - 16:49 | fepo
Notepitch bad, BPM bad and timing bad. Must be edited

03.02.12 - 16:11 | fepo

03.02.12 - 16:03 | TheDarkEye
I also had to adjust the BPM...125,5 works for me

08.08.08 - 12:36 | mattronic
I think that the notes are right

It"s just a hard song

22.07.08 - 22:42 | Eazee
Maybe it"s just me, but the notes in the txt file and the song itself don"t seem to have very much in common (meaning almost every note is wrong)

This file really screams for a serious overhaul...

22.07.08 - 13:35 | mattronic
Got the txt from DWE-Games.
It"s made by a guy named Adri.

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