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AmericaSister Golden Hair
Golden NotesYes
Date19.03.21 - 14:40
Created bysolcasiopea
Song edited by:fepo
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Comments by users (two cents)
26.03.21 - 20:46 | scudder
Strummer - thank you. Your link to TXT works much better.

26.03.21 - 18:45 | strummer
Hi Scudder, try to put the videogap to 0. Honestly last week I did varoius songs and I am not sure which version I am keeping now in my laptop (the original uploaded by me or the edited by fepo). Anyway, if it helps, you can compare my actual version of the txt that fits the video perfectly:https://pastebin.com/B2wYhuML

26.03.21 - 18:35 | scudder
This does not seem to fit the video febo posted... BMP too low???

19.03.21 - 19:04 | strummer
Yeah Fepo, This is my first song made from scratch (midi) and I realized that is a bad idea using and mp3 and try to find a video that fits as a final step. Better to search for the video first. Thanks! PD: probably more America incoming BTW

19.03.21 - 14:41 | fepo
Now the TXT fits to the Video below.
I"ve made some Pitches, Finetuning and Notelenght. I hope you enjoy it now There where also an Edit before my, but i don't know why the name is deleted.

19.03.21 - 11:42 | fepo

19.04.12 - 19:41 | solcasiopea
It"s free!

20.03.11 - 13:28 | fepo
Hi GALAKTOS, not all of this People that insert here TXT"s are very good in setting Pitches. I think it was a Beginner

So take the TXT and edit it....But make it better


19.03.11 - 17:33 | GALAKTOS
Note location, as I oversee it, mostly right, but pitches... what the hell?! I can´t see any relation of song file note pitches to real song note pitches, none at all. I´m currently working on it and will probably soon reupload a version with correct pitches... Jesus Christ, what a mess.

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