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ABBAKnowing Me Knowing You
Golden NotesYes
Date13.12.22 - 15:05
Created byIC
Song edited by:daggeg
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Comments by users (two cents)
13.12.22 - 15:20 | bohning
Thanks a lot, daggeg!

13.12.22 - 15:08 | daggeg
Improved sync and pitches.

10.12.22 - 00:13 | bohning
Yes, I just checked, it is the rip from the SingStar DVD. They did a pretty lousy job here I guess.

10.12.22 - 00:10 | daggeg
bohning, I know the song was released on Singstar. But is this really a rip from that DVD? I"ve started editing it now and I"m not impressed. If it’s an official release i.e.

06.11.22 - 13:57 | fepo
I checked this Song a little bit.
The Pitches are not bad, but som Finetuning is recommended

05.11.22 - 15:55 | daggeg
I"ll improve this one in due time. I"ll upload some other songs first, songs I"ve been working on improving.

05.11.22 - 14:44 | bohning
fepo, you were a few seconds quicker than me

05.11.22 - 14:34 | bohning
It sure is: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SingStar_ABBA

But indeed, some SingStar releases are of pretty low quality, not only pitch-wise, but also regarding the timing. So feel free to adapt

05.11.22 - 14:34 | fepo
Singstar has a lot of songs where the pitches aren"t very good.
But you can also improve such bad TXT"S.

05.11.22 - 14:09 | daggeg
Is this really an official Singstar release? If so Singstar set a low bar, there are a ton of pitch shifts not accounted for here.

26.09.15 - 12:26 | FA2007

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