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ABBAMoney Money Money
Golden NotesYes
Date14.11.08 - 15:37
Created byIC
Rating (4)
Audio Samplekein sample vorhanden!
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Comments by users (two cents)
06.08.12 - 09:19 | fepo
I think so

05.08.12 - 20:46 | Ankhman
you mean, you have your uses?? )

05.08.12 - 17:34 | fepo
Hi Ankhman, think about a post some days ago in the Triggerfinger Post

You say: Sometimes i can use Fepo also for other TXT"s than Metal

04.08.12 - 23:52 | Ankhman
i edited the pitches and added a cover but somehow it seems, this singstar-txt is a bit sloppy .. especially in the refrain.

(strange as it is the first singstar-song where i notice such errors)

can someone with the singstar abba video and mp3 look over their version and check the refrains?

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