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10CCI'm Not In Love
Golden NotesYes
Date08.09.10 - 16:38
Created byk1656
Song edited by:fepo
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Comments by users (two cents)
30.01.15 - 00:31 | barron50
you can use Yass Editor to fix the gap

19.05.13 - 18:13 | Byallzer
It goes out of sync about 1/3 into it, when you get to "I keep your picture".

08.09.10 - 18:24 | fepo
This fit"s perfectly

08.09.10 - 12:37 | fepo
Die Noten liegen alle einen halben Ton daneben. Ist kein problem. Ich habe ein Video rausgesucht und pass das nun an die TXT an.

Some Notes and Tone lenght are incorerect. This is not the Video Version. I edit the Song to a Video that i have found

08.09.10 - 07:33 | eXscape
It has the right notes, but the gap is wrong, and it goes out of sync quickly.

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