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Alice CooperNo More Mr. Nice Guy
Golden NotesNo
Date26.02.08 - 18:22
Created byCanni
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Comments by users (two cents)
17.05.15 - 11:42 | Reptil1973
Zu welcher Songversion passt diese Textfile. Zu meiner die ich habe läuft sie nicht synchron ab der zweiten Strophe

02.04.10 - 13:35 | Trommelvlies
Hello, Thanks for all the work.
I like to make How are you gonna see me now from Alice Cooper

I finaly learned to make Ultrastar txt files with .kar files. - Does anyone know where i can find them? - Does anyone knows a karaoke maker who saves files .kar? So that i can make my own .kar and wth this make new ultrastar songs.

Thanks, Trommelvlies

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