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Boudewijn de GrootVerdronken vlinder
Golden NotesYes
Date07.12.21 - 01:37
Created bykoos
Song edited by:chrisvanart
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Comments by users (two cents)
08.12.21 - 20:44 | chrisvanart
usdb doesn"t let me upload a new version, so here is the version with correct notes, and slightly less longer tones (personal preference)

Not sure how long justpaste will keep it online, so enjoy it while it lasts. And big thanks to koos for doing the notes and timing, which to me is always the more difficult part

03.12.21 - 10:56 | chrisvanart
Timing and lyrics are great. Tones seem to be completely off.

02.04.10 - 13:52 | Trommelvlies
Hello Koos,
Thanks for all the work!!
I like Boudewijn.
I finaly learned to make Ultrastar txt files with .kar files. - Does anyone know where i can find them? - Does anyone knows a karaoke maker who saves files .kar? So that i can make my own .kar and wth this make new ultrastar songs. Thanks, Trommelvlies

01.06.09 - 12:34 | koos
I thing I used a wrong midi file, pitch is completely off...


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