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BeyoncéSweet Dreams
Golden NotesYes
Date23.10.09 - 13:48
Created bymichas17j
Song edited by:snake84
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Comments by users (two cents)
20.08.13 - 22:15 | lozboorman
I"ve edited this song if it"s ok to put up..I haven"t changed much but noticed a few mistakes. I"ve mainly played around with the chorus and took out (turn the lights on) then finished previous sentences that were
unfinished. please Get back to me if it"s ok to put my edited version on here

08.10.09 - 08:06 | britneyblisswilliams
maybe change the turn the lights on into the other notes

05.10.09 - 20:00 | InesBee1404
Podiam-me dizer como se mete a musica e a letra do TXT que fiz qui download no Ultrastar?

23.08.09 - 18:17 | Paul Panzer
Good Work! Thanks!

21.08.09 - 20:16 | tpcatharino
parece ser muito bom

13.08.09 - 05:13 | britneyblisswilliams
It"s good...but for some reason i keep singing the parts that are not there but it still registers so it"s not too bad.

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