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Date26.02.08 - 18:13
Created byCanni
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Comments by users (two cents)
05.05.18 - 12:03 | mega3st


11.11.09 - 01:11 | britneyblisswilliams
It works now...well for me anyway Thanks b4St1@fuN

10.11.09 - 23:50 | Seraphim
Ok seems to work now more or less, but I have the feeling that in some parts the text bar is a little ahead of him actually singing the song. I first thought you may have set the BPM a little too high but then the crazy cratzy crazy parts were perfectly synced again. Would need to see how someone sings it who is actually good at this to see if it is a serious issue

10.11.09 - 23:31 | Seraphim
Oh I just realized that the video version I was using doesn"t have the intro yours does. Thank you for the immediate service though. There seem to be quite a lot of versions with lengths of 4 mins up to more than 6:30 minutes. I"ll see if this works now asap.

10.11.09 - 22:49 | b4St1@fuN
have edited this Txt!
you were right, there were 5 double-line breaks.
Try again please

10.11.09 - 22:14 | Seraphim
It does not fit at all to the music and it even has bugs in it that make Ultrastar crash when you play it. Yet as the rest also doesn"t fit there is not much sense fixing this. Can anyone maybe make working copy pretty please

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