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Lady GagaBad Romance
Golden NotesYes
Date13.12.09 - 19:59
Created bymichas17j
Song edited by:IC
Rating (46)
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Comments by users (two cents)
05.09.20 - 23:39 | Quetzaldo
For me the same: 13330 fits perfectly!

08.08.20 - 04:18 | niaskywalk
Converted this same video because miraculously it is STILL THERE. I had to change the gap to 13330 in order for it to play correctly with the MP4/MP3 but it played beautifully!

26.09.15 - 12:41 | FA2007

03.11.12 - 10:06 | MuertaViviente
forget it, I fixed it! I don"t know if I was the only one with the lyrics not matching quite well the mp3 but anyways I changed the GAP: to 13000 and now the lyrics match 100%

03.11.12 - 09:34 | MuertaViviente
Im having a problem with the lyrics...

I downloaded the video from youtube and converted the video to mp3 but it still doesn"t match quite well with the lyrics

04.10.12 - 13:38 | fepo
Un fichier texte avec succès

02.08.12 - 11:34 | SMS92
Malheureusement, ce qui fonctionne bien et je suis obligé de la chanter régulièrement

25.07.12 - 02:25 | ChrissyLeggs
Does this work with the FULL video?

22.05.11 - 23:06 | Codeman320
When downloading the song, don"t forget that the song is the Radio edit of Bad romance.

13.03.11 - 16:48 | claudio bertozzi
This song is the ultimate #1 in Singstars Singstore

02.11.10 - 22:00 | synonomy
Absolutely perfect. Can almost ace it it"s that accurate. Thank you!

11.06.10 - 15:40 | Mr Flow
Ich habe die fehlende Stelle im Text ergänzt und einige der "~"-Zeichen ersetzt, da sie das Textlesen beim Singen sehr erschwert haben. Die Textdatei passt so wie sie ist perfekt zu meiner .m4a Version aus iTunes.

24.04.10 - 17:38 | michas17j

05.04.10 - 20:20 | Kay_1978
Big problem with the album version. There is no gap at all, I mean gap has to be = 0 and it works quiet fine.

As the lyrics are concerned, there is another problem just before "" walk walk fashion baby "" because an entire part "" Rah-rah-ah-ah-ah!
Want your bad romance "" is missing.

Anybody know how to add this part without being oblige to re-do everything ???

21.02.10 - 14:38 | scarlett109
lad dir das video bei dailymotion.de

21.02.10 - 13:54 | Laura
wo krieg ich das video her?

10.02.10 - 17:18 | chackl
BPM (Beats per Minute) editiert die Geschwindigkeit

GAP ist der Abstand bis zum ersten Wort oder ton des Sängers in Millisekunden (1000 Millisekunden = 1 Sekunde)

16.01.10 - 22:59 | zoky31
how long should be the mp3???

15.01.10 - 20:47 | daklaus
Bei mir ist der Text eine halbe sek schneller als das Video..

Muss ich den BPM oder den GAP wert ändern?

10.01.10 - 13:21 | ChrisxD
Ich check nicht wie ich des jetzt singen kann ! Wohin soll ich des packen ?

03.01.10 - 15:05 | Eggy
This is a great song!

29.12.09 - 17:43 | Squall-Leonhart
Great !!! Thanks ;3

28.12.09 - 23:16 | Silverbeam
Hi jagafe!

Check your error.log in the installation dir. If it says something like mp3-tag missing, you most probably have a wrong mp3-filename. Check in windows if you have disabled extensions for known file types (extensiones para los tipos de archivos conocidos).

28.12.09 - 21:14 | jagafe
I have put the txt, his(her,your) song and the mask and on having put the ultrastar does not appear this song to sing it
how i do to get it?

28.12.09 - 19:18 | fepo
Hi Jagafe, try to write in English.

28.12.09 - 14:04 | jagafe
he metido el txt, su cancion y la caratula y al poner el ultrastar no me aparece esa cancion para cantarla
como hago para k me salga??

25.12.09 - 21:47 | michas17j
"Rah rah" no problem "oh lala"

25.12.09 - 21:41 | tokomoxo
excelente tema muchas gracias al creador!!!

21.12.09 - 23:59 | cristina55

20.12.09 - 19:33 | bakus33
Roma Roma ma a, Gaga Ulala
Good Job

18.12.09 - 07:01 | britneyblisswilliams
WHERE (and beyonce/mariah) DESERVES TO BE!

IC"s edit is really popular :3

17.12.09 - 22:12 | michas17j
Yupi, GaGa on first place!!

12.12.09 - 20:22 | sideie
Guys ive just got the singstar delux but i can get the txt files and save them to my documents but i cannot get the mp3 for it how do i do it. Also i heard i have to rip the mp3 off the vid below how do i do it because it sayd on youtube it is a private vid

05.12.09 - 23:56 | michas17j
Search in Google convert to mp3 (avi to mp3, mp4 to mp3, mpg to mp3)

05.12.09 - 23:27 | britneyblisswilliams
You will need to rip the mp3 from the video using a converter and WM Convert

05.12.09 - 23:11 | KrisuDevil
i have the correct video but cant find suitable mp3 for this txt..

01.12.09 - 21:22 | michas17j
In english:
This is a video version
W jezyku polskim:
To jest wersja video
Auf Deutsch:
Dies ist eine Video-Version

29.11.09 - 13:07 | scarlett109
Welche Version ist es denn jetzt? ...

11.11.09 - 18:06 | britneyblisswilliams
thanks silverbeam. bug thumbs up

11.11.09 - 15:06 | borstianer
Thanks a lot Silverbeam... Now it´s perfect

11.11.09 - 12:29 | Silverbeam
There´s another "Oh, caught in a bad romance" in the beginning and 2 more "walk, walk fashion baby" in the middle of the song. The Video-Version is also slightly faster.
I´ve added these parts so the txt should fit to the video now.

11.11.09 - 09:38 | borstianer
Erstmal danke für die Arbeit. Allerdings ist die wohl die "nicht-video
" version, läuft ab 3:30 minuten auseinander... Im Video ist eine Strophe mehr drin

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