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AlphavilleBig In Japan
Golden NotesYes
Date26.02.08 - 18:25
Created byCanni
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Comments by users (two cents)
14.12.21 - 16:17 | Lenticularis
thank you fepo and Silverbeam!

13.12.21 - 11:17 | fepo
lenticularis />
Use the other Link from Silverbeam. I have insert the correct fitting Video.

13.12.21 - 00:57 | Silverbeam
Try this txt with the official video: Alphaville - Big In Japan

Or use the album version for this txt.

12.12.21 - 19:35 | Lenticularis
Can't find any matching video anymore. Tried 3 different videos and spend like half on hour to adjust the gaps, but all ar out of sync at some time

30.12.08 - 15:58 | Paul Panzer
Gut umgesetzt!
Danke sehr!

14.10.08 - 00:03 | H3nK
Das Video:

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