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30 Seconds to MarsKings & Queens
Golden NotesYes
Date27.11.09 - 10:32
Created byGeee68
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Comments by users (two cents)
26.05.13 - 17:44 | Byallzer
MP3 size 4673

17.07.11 - 21:49 | ShadowCat1995
By me 1 second too late o.o

30.11.09 - 10:28 | Geee68

OK. I"ve changed it. Have much fun.

29.11.09 - 15:16 | jneen8
No it"s really them... they posted the link of their youtube account on their official website --> www.thirtysecondstomars.com

27.11.09 - 22:10 | Geee68
Is it really the Band or is it a user called 30secondstomars. I don't know. But changing these 3 words is much easier than writing the complete txt

27.11.09 - 16:16 | jneen8
AWESOME! thank you so much!!!

Just one thing though:
The band posted the correct lyrics on Youtube:

1) "Through blood and name", not through blood and pain.
2) "A darkness comes at dawn", not a darkness comes and all.

Thanks again!

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