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Backstreet BoysShow me the meaning
Golden NotesYes
Date26.01.10 - 01:52
Created bypauldiddy
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Comments by users (two cents)
01.05.14 - 10:09 | Turkoosi
masteroftv: maybe it"s a problem of utf-8 vs. windows encoding. Look for strange gaps in the song text, sometimes the apostrophes change to gaps and then the file doesn"t work properly.

I changed the gap to 18560 used the video below since it was the only one with an okay quality.

23.12.12 - 02:16 | masteroftv
the text file only plays 8 seconds of the file before finishing

31.07.11 - 03:34 | naxodj
thanks a lot!!

01.03.10 - 09:54 | GunnerXero
Works perfectly! Really good!

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