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Adam LambertMusic Again
Golden NotesYes
Date28.06.10 - 19:36
Created bygaspar17
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Audio Samplekein sample vorhanden!
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Comments by users (two cents)
30.06.10 - 02:10 | britneyblisswilliams
Eggman says for him the song goes off sync after the first line

30.06.10 - 00:48 | gaspar17
people i don"t understand german... for i understand what you say it you need to write english..

29.06.10 - 10:46 | ultrastarsongs
Bei mir funktioniert die Album-Version.
Hat deine mp3 vielleicht ne variable bitrate?

The album-version works for me. Maybe your mp3 is encoded with a variable bitrate?

29.06.10 - 00:00 | Eggman
Für welche Version ist die TXT? Bei der Album-Version paßt nur der erste Satz, sonst kaum etwas.

For which version is the txt? Using the album-version, the lyrics go off sync after the first line

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