Bruno Mars - Grenade
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Bruno MarsGrenade
Golden NotesYes
Date06.09.23 - 21:20
Uploaded bysavik1993
Song edited by:Camillasmile7
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Comments by users (two cents)
24.06.11 - 00:31 | djdaveyspin
my video isnt showing when i play the songs, does anybody know what it could be?

17.06.11 - 17:55 | sharkica
I love this song...thank u very much

17.06.11 - 02:58 | twilightswake

13.06.11 - 20:25 | meinzer
Maybe you"ve got a mp3 file with changing BPM. Try it with an mp3 file with costant BPM.

12.05.11 - 16:45 | omgitsreinier
Somehow half way it goes out of synch, I synched it perfect with the first note.

I think the BPM is wrong but I can"t get it right, can anyone help?

08.05.11 - 03:09 | Silverbeam
We offer only txt-files on our page. We do NOT offer Audio or Video files.

05.05.11 - 16:28 | singstarQQ7
Hammer Song!!!

16.03.11 - 19:05 | BO-BVB
OK,sorry...evrything allright, I had the old notes, the actuall notes are perfect, 9600 points

14.03.11 - 22:51 | ultrastarsongs
Nope, notes are accurate.

You sure you got the same version as provided here?

14.03.11 - 20:00 | BO-BVB
The Gap is excellent but the high notes don`t match in the refrain...I think not more than 8000 points possible in this version..not good enough

01.03.11 - 18:18 | tweirlock
A little GAP issue (I think it is more synchronized if you have 4400), but it"s still great

Thank you!

22.02.11 - 13:11 | Silverbeam
HereĀ“s a manual about adding songs:


22.02.11 - 09:51 | fepo
Take the MP3 and this TXT in a Folder and Name the Folder Bruno Mars - Grenade, open the TXT and compare the Names of the MP3 with this Line: #MP3:Name.MP3

Then put the Folder in the Song Folder of Ultrastar.

Have Fun

It must be the same Name. When not rename the MP3

Then put the Folder in the Song Folder of Ultrastar. Have Fun

21.02.11 - 23:29 | ozye
i dont no how to put this song to work. can someone help me

01.02.11 - 14:08 | Silverbeam
Il faut changer le valeur de GAP.

01.02.11 - 02:19 | rhonaldinho5
il y as un decalage entre l mp3 et les paroles

18.01.11 - 11:14 | snake84

30.12.10 - 09:38 | claudio bertozzi
thank you, I love this song so much

30.12.10 - 02:18 | finalgamer
Works with this video.

29.12.10 - 23:42 | davidlink
thank you very much

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