Taylor Swift - Anti-Hero (Album Version)
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Taylor SwiftAnti-Hero (Album Version)
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Date28.01.23 - 22:28
Uploaded byDoubleDee73
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Comments by users (two cents)
03.03.23 - 01:41 | Hoanzl
Works good with the album version
bohning postet. With the set #VIDEOGAP:3.76 you can use the video
hoernia postet as video source. Approximately 80% of the video will fit the audio perfect. After it isn't sync anymore there are only 3 words left that should normally be lip sync (negligible).

If you would want to use the short video version alone, you would have to
1. use #GAP:9270
2. move everything after "She's laughing up at us from hell" (after beat 3777) exactly 16 beats forward.
--> "It's" comes at beat 3808
But I still recommend using the album version for audio because the short video version still has the sounds from the video in it and obviously misses 16 beats.

Last but not least: I think that this txt file is way better than the video version txt by princetongirl. I suggest adjusting this txt for the video too and editing it.

21.02.23 - 00:12 | hoernla
Ohne die Filmszene in der Mitte kommt dieses Video:

Mit #START:5 klappt es halbwegs synchron, ist aber noch nicht 100% feinjustiert. Lippensynchron müssen hier aber eh nur ein paar Sekunden sein.

29.01.23 - 00:13 | bohning

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