Jack Black - Peaches
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Jack BlackPeaches
Golden NotesYes
Date13.07.23 - 11:51
Uploaded byZevac
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Audio Samplekein sample vorhanden!

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Comments by users (two cents)
22.07.23 - 08:32 | bohning
Thanks for the correction (and all the additional metatags), it's highly appreciated

22.07.23 - 00:36 | Hoanzl
I suggest one small correction:
: 1431 3 12 from
: 1437 4 13 you
: 1442 4 12 ~
: 1447 14 10 ~

(Double space before "from" and "you" can't be displayed in usdb comments for some reason, so don't forget it)

14.07.23 - 22:11 | b4St1@fuN
Hi daniel20, I have to edit comments when there is a link to an illegal website (torrents). I have edited zevacs first comment with username and community name. I am a moderator here, not an admin. I don't know anything about what you credit or not in your community. (I don't care )

Credit is given now in txt and in comment, case closed.

Feel free to contact me via PM if you have further questions

14.07.23 - 21:48 | daniel20
hi b4St1@fuN, obviously the song is not stolen, but the tag on the song sheet of your site appears "created by - Zevac". Users MUST know where this song come from, such as ultrastar-es does in each song with your site. If you are against this policy, we don't credit your site anymore.

PS: don't remove / edit messages from other users

14.07.23 - 20:28 | b4St1@fuN
Hi aveican, this txt was added by zevac with your creator-tag. This is the correct way to do it. We had this case before with members from your community. The txt was not "stolen", it was shared for all!

How to prevent this: I invite you and your spanish friends to share your work in this community too

14.07.23 - 19:54 | aveican
Hello Zevac, I am the creator of this song. This song has been stolen.

13.07.23 - 13:57 | Zevac
txt created by aveican (ultrastar-es)

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