Tate McRae - greedy
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Tate McRaegreedy
Golden NotesYes
Date16.02.24 - 09:36
Uploaded byRAURM1313
Song edited by:DoubleDee73
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Audio Samplekein sample vorhanden!

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Comments by users (two cents)
17.02.24 - 00:47 | askusbloodfist
Sure thing. Systems are Windows 11 based with 2 being diffrent nuc computers 1-2 years old with AMD cpu and one with intel. Both having no lags or anything using all avaliable software for singing. And last using a latest i9 cpu today with a 4070 nvidia gpu. SO my guess is that it might have something to do with how the video or audio are compiled. Sins powers of the system is not likly the cause of the problem with the gaps.

I were not realising that it was you bohning that i was talking to. so i understand why you are intrested in knowing how it happens. Seems to happen when i used a lower bitrate then the syncer does.

16.02.24 - 23:31 | bohning
I think it's up to me to decide what I lose my mind over and what not, isn't it?

A song has an *objective* GAP that can be determined pretty precisely in audio tools like Audacity or Adobe Audition. The reason this is important is that we want to make the experience for everyone as easy as possible, not having to fiddle with GAPs all the time (and avoiding GAP edits back and forth here on USDB). For this, it is crucial to find out why certain setups require different GAPs.

16.02.24 - 23:04 | askusbloodfist
I have multiple setups with equipment with the latest tech. But that beside the point and dont matter. What works for you works for you. And what works for me works for me on the config. But what is the point is that the song has been fixed due to the work put down by doubledee. But why there is diffrent gaps on what works for us i dont know. and im not gonna loose my mind over it. Neither should you. Again great work DD73

16.02.24 - 10:24 | bohning
I can confirm #GAP:9810 works for USDX for me. It would be interesting to know what kind of setup you have, askusbloodfist.

16.02.24 - 06:40 | DoubleDee73
Okay, that's odd. I'm also using Yass, and I also used the video version. With the GAP:9674 it's simply way too early for me. But who knows, maybe it's individual gear. I also think, that some of the endings you edited were too short. But some endings were better your way, so I have changed my version to take these into account. Thanks for that.
Like you said, it's not a competition. In the end what counts is, that the community gets the best possible result.
If your tweaks work for you best, then good for you.
If someone else thinks, that the song starts too late, try it with GAP:9674

16.02.24 - 00:43 | askusbloodfist
Nope not using that as a editor, Yass is my nr1 go to. ive tested with Vocalux, Melody Mania, USDX and all are off when it come to the video on my tests with your cfg. But again not importent to me what you change to later. Its not a competition. My version works for me. and you can do what you feel like.

15.02.24 - 22:11 | DoubleDee73
Thanks for that. I'll have a look tomorrow. Concerning the GAP, have you used the USDX editor? Please keep in mind, that the editor is off by around 80 ms. I have validated the actual gap of the audio in Adobe Audition, and I'm positive, that my gap is correct.

15.02.24 - 20:09 | askusbloodfist

15.02.24 - 20:05 | askusbloodfist
Good work. I Changed some stuff. but you reupload it again cause you did the hard work. Allso i matched the timing to Video. And yeh was not trying to be rude. But again the version that was there was not god. And tbh people that upload stuff like that are wasting time for themself and others. But glad you took time to correct it. Well done. Again just reupload it so you get due credit.

15.02.24 - 13:06 | DoubleDee73
Aha, this was still the old version, for whatever reason. I pushed my version again.

15.02.24 - 13:01 | DoubleDee73
askusbloodfist: It's not a joke, and pls stay respectful, it's not like we're getting paid for this.

What source are you using? Are you using the audio from the YouTube video?

14.02.24 - 21:52 | askusbloodfist
Is this a joke or something?

No the notes are still off and timing is still off

Is not even the complete song thats made..

12.02.24 - 19:52 | fepo
Thanks a lot DoubleDee73

12.02.24 - 09:34 | DoubleDee73
I have redone this song completely from scratch. Please give it a try.

11.02.24 - 23:45 | fepo
This TXT is not useable. Better make this song new. I've tried it in my Ultrastar, but there are many Errors.

11.02.24 - 09:38 | DoubleDee73
Unfortunately - in my opinion - this isn't exactly usable the way it is.
Did you just run this through Ultrasinger without reviewing?
Come join us on our Discord, and get tips on how to improve this.

08.02.24 - 16:54 | askusbloodfist
How to not make a song.

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