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Date29.04.24 - 06:22
Uploaded byDoubleDee73
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02.05.24 - 06:33 | DoubleDee73
servok you mean on line 19 and 40?

I don't think it's a B. It could be a A#, but he's directly going down to G# in the next note, so that's why there's an A in the immediate vicinity. I'm fine with changing it to A#, but definitely no B.

02.05.24 - 00:59 | servok
In the repeated line "I hope you know that", I think the "you" is on a B, not on an A.

29.04.24 - 12:10 | DoubleDee73

29.04.24 - 10:36 | Hoanzl
A friend of mine wished for that song last week and I was surprised that nobody had created a txt for it yet.
Thank you very much for changing that DoubleDee!
Keep up the good work!

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