Silvester Belt - Luktelk (ESC 2024 Lithuania)
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Silvester BeltLuktelk (ESC 2024 Lithuania)
Golden NotesYes
Date15.05.24 - 21:15
Uploaded bylava
Song edited by:blackcat6
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Comments by users (two cents)
16.05.24 - 10:40 | blackcat6
I'm wondering about the GAP, did we use different videos? I used the performance of the Grand Final, the video that bohning posted. I sang the song after my editing and it worked perfectly. The GAP was 17660.

The pitches were correct.

15.05.24 - 20:51 | lava
fixed a few more things

15.05.24 - 20:14 | lava
the timings are completely off now (due to a wrong GAP)... first note already... notes are also wrong now:
ir vel kita goes G2 F#2 G2 B2 not F#2 F#2 G2 B2

also golden notes are now just randomly distributed, and not picking particularly challenging or interesting notes anymore... i'll revert that change

15.05.24 - 18:10 | blackcat6
Okay so I was a bit faster than expected
Edited the tone lengths, timings, pitches, lyrics and Golden notes (because I like them to be a bit more spreaded)

15.05.24 - 15:47 | blackcat6
There are still a lot of things wrong: some lyrics, tone lengths, the GAP, some pitches
Will do a huge rework.

15.05.24 - 10:20 | lava
fixed the lyrics

15.05.24 - 10:06 | Tuupertunut
A good source for Eurovision lyrics is Eurovisionworld

And yep, the notes could also use some checking, thanks blackcat6.

15.05.24 - 10:01 | lava
Yes, the lyrics are AI... I have no idea about lithuanian
pretty confident about the timing and notes though, done this by hand

15.05.24 - 09:40 | blackcat6
That'd be strange, the lyrics can be found everywhere in the internet and be just copied?
I'm gonna correct them, but I won't upload an updated version without checking the tones and notes, too, so it's probably gonna take a few days.

15.05.24 - 09:16 | Tuupertunut
Yep, lyrics are wrong, maybe AI generated?

14.05.24 - 10:22 | blackcat6
Where are the lyrics from? There should be some "Luktelk"s in it, but there aren't.

14.05.24 - 00:15 | bohning

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