Bambie Thug - Doomsday Blue (ESC 2024 Ireland)
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Bambie ThugDoomsday Blue (ESC 2024 Ireland)
Golden NotesYes
Date15.05.24 - 00:16
Uploaded bylava
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Comments by users (two cents)
15.05.24 - 11:49 | Tracks
I've started working on the studio version.

15.05.24 - 10:00 | lava
it should be pretty well synced, except for the freestyle part maybe, I never care to sync that to the same degree, but the parts to sing should be accurate.

15.05.24 - 09:56 | lava
it's this version:

15.05.24 - 09:52 | daggeg
When downloading via Syncer the live version is downloaded. Shouldn't it be the studio version? Is that the reason why the sync could do with some improvement?

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