Bruno Mars - Just The Way You Are
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Bruno MarsJust The Way You Are
Golden NotesYes
Date03.02.24 - 18:37
Uploaded bysavik1993
Song edited by:snake84
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Comments by users (two cents)
09.03.22 - 11:42 | Bart147
Well for some reason i needed to change the GAP to 32900 with the Video by
savik1993 . Also I set the #START:14, cause the intro is pretty long IMO.

27.12.21 - 13:42 | turnardo
GAP33500 works fine for me for the vid postet by savik1993

22.06.14 - 21:00 | JohnWayne
Thank you

29.06.11 - 11:07 | lani
Perfect work! Thank you very much!

23.01.11 - 02:02 | Eggman
Try another mp3 or adjust the BPM

23.01.11 - 00:48 | zlyler
the lryics are slower than the song even after adjusting the GAP

29.11.10 - 11:29 | snake84
Hmm, then the youtube version is slower than the tv-version. I"m sorry, if anyone wants to put the old one back then do so.

23.11.10 - 14:18 | sing2live
I used the music from the music video in the youtube link you provided but the lyrics are a little faster than the song

12.10.10 - 21:05 | savik1993

11.10.10 - 13:53 | snake84
Corrected bpm and edited sync and lyrics on a few places. Thanks savik1993 for a good txt

08.10.10 - 21:24 | davidlink

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