Britney Spears - Hold It Against Me (Album Version)
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Britney SpearsHold It Against Me (Album Version)
Golden NotesYes
Date13.01.11 - 15:38
Created byfepo
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Comments by users (two cents)
08.08.22 - 15:19 | bohning

20.01.11 - 17:37 | fepo
Danke b4St1@fuN, aber wenn Du zwei Frauen zu Hause hast, die das lieben, hast Du automatisch verloren.

Dann hei├čt es: Machst Du bitte......Übersetzung: Du hast viel zu tun fang sofort an

20.01.11 - 14:00 | b4St1@fuN
fepo in ungewohnten Sphären der Popmusik 4*

20.01.11 - 07:37 | fepo
gaspar17: Thanks a lot

20.01.11 - 01:04 | gaspar17
i love the song. 5 *

16.01.11 - 23:48 | Silverbeam
MBlovesTIX: I"d say 90% of all video versions are similar to the single or radio-edit. They only differ if there are cutscenes or similar.

If a song occurs to be faster or the pitch appears to be higher you can easily adjust that.

Just try to get used to the functions of the built-in editor and you will be fine.

16.01.11 - 20:12 | fepo
MBlovesTIX: It"s on you to make your favourite TXT with your MP3. Most of Users love it to see a Video at singing. I"m also. Take the TXT to make your Radio Edit.

Take my TXT, edit it to a Radio Version and load it with your Name and Britney Spears - Hold it against me (Radio Edit) up to USDB.

I can"t understand those comments

16.01.11 - 18:16 | MBlovesTIX
I don"t understand why people keep doing songs from videos... The pitch is always higher than the original song and the song itself goes faster... -_-"

15.01.11 - 17:06 | ZackAndres
Tahnk you so mux, I" downloaded now!

13.01.11 - 23:48 | brianpop
Thank you!!!! I Love this song!

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