Chris Brown - Yeah 3x
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Chris BrownYeah 3x
Golden NotesYes
Date23.02.11 - 15:40
Created bykage111
Song edited by:fepo
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Comments by users (two cents)
03.12.22 - 11:42 | bohning

23.02.11 - 21:30 | fepo
I think so that you can lern it. When you have Questions, ask me or other here. Here are most of the People helpful

23.02.11 - 20:14 | kage111
thanks for editing fepo, I"m still in the learning process, hopefully I can get as good as you

23.02.11 - 15:34 | fepo
Song is edited Thanks for adding

23.02.11 - 08:32 | fepo
There are lots to do. Tonepitch, Finetuning.

I try to Edit it. It"s a Song for my daughter..

23.02.11 - 02:05 | Eggman
Habe den Song mal überarbeitet, ist noch nicht perfekt. Soweit meine bescheidenen Fähigkeiten ausreichen.

22.02.11 - 11:58 | Eggman
Feintuning fehlt noch, da passt einiges noch nicht

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