Anita Baker - Sweet Love
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Anita BakerSweet Love
Golden NotesYes
Date03.07.11 - 00:49
Created byJeroi
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06.07.11 - 11:05 | thursday
Audio sample added

04.07.11 - 20:06 | Jeroi
Edited thew text file, thanks for checking. Please report if you find anything else.

04.07.11 - 07:45 | orbis
fast alles richtig....
fehler z.b.
* 223 2 10 your
* 225 2 8 na

* 223 2 13 your
* 225 2 10 na

03.07.11 - 13:31 | Jeroi
Yet another song that I made for my GF becaause she likes this song and sings it in karaoke"s also. This time start is defined with GAP instead by syllable. Also I have tuned some extra notes in screams so maybe someone can check them and see if notes are good. Unfortunately my kara file did not include last 2-3 lines on her singining lines while video sound is fading out. Sound mp3 used is from her so 80's official music video.

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