Chicago OST - And All That Jazz
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Chicago OSTAnd All That Jazz
Golden NotesYes
Date01.06.12 - 00:35
Created byKekstuete
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28.11.22 - 07:22 | bohning

26.01.16 - 00:10 | Yukata_sensei

With this as the MP3, the GAP is :


With this as the VIDEO, the VIDEOGAP is :


The star of the video mostly fits, but not for the rest of the song, I give it just because I like it most with video even if the synchronisation is not perfect. Do it to your taste.

In any case, you also have to add a start :


After these modification, the TXT works very well.

18.06.12 - 23:01 | Kekstuete
It"s a bit tricky, the txt was done for the version on the soundtrack (CD) of the film, before i realized it was different from the one shown in the film

07.06.12 - 10:58 | kakuzawa
Couldn"t find video, nor audio to match it

01.06.12 - 01:25 | SsX
find da kein vern├╝nftiges video zu ..

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