Alexandra Stan - Lemonade
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Alexandra StanLemonade
Golden NotesYes
Date13.06.12 - 03:47
Created byChrissyLeggs
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Comments by users (two cents)
26.06.12 - 03:15 | ChrissyLeggs
SsX Sorry, that was my bad, I had wrong txt file in my folder, It"s fine now, so sorry about that.

26.06.12 - 02:15 | Ankhman
sometimes people get confused with the keys for changing bmp and gap .. happens to me too.

and concerning the ~~~ .. they come into being when you part notes with strg + -. you can edit them directly via F4 - it lets you enter text edit mode.

26.06.12 - 01:37 | SsX
seems like someone else was faster.Tildes are fine now

26.06.12 - 01:06 | ChrissyLeggs
SsX Can you not edit my files please? There"s too many ~~~~~~ after "happy rythm music" and it"s annoying, plus when I try to edit it now in UltraStarEditor, the BPM is messed up and I can"t edit it. Thanks

20.06.12 - 16:36 | Silverbeam
ChrissyLeggs: You can use the Ultrastar Manager to recalculate the timestamp automatically. Just activate "Set first timestamp to zero".

Another thing to mention about your txt is the syllable division. Words with more than one syllable should be divided, e.g. really, wanna, along, rhythm, ...
This will help you a lot if you want to do a more accurate finetuning.

Speaking of finetuning it can also be helpful to calculate the exact BPM from the original mp3, especially when you are working on dance tracks, which usually have a very linear bass drum. There are several tools out there, which have this function included. BPM Analyzer is just one of them.
To recalculate an existing txt you can use the built-in editor of the CMD-Mod (hit F5) or use this online tool: Songchecker (pls use any online translator if you don’t understand parts of it)

One last thing: You don’t need several accounts to rate your txts 5 star. If you stay tuned and try all the advices given here, your txts will become very good and people will rate it 5 star anyway

20.06.12 - 15:51 | SsX
changed start to 0
adjusted gap to fit the official music video(the one below).
corrected some pitch errors.(i just played a few lines... was just quick testing)

finetuning: 4/5
pitch: 4/5

thx for it

20.06.12 - 13:52 | ChrissyLeggs
b4St1@fuN I"m sorry I don"t get what you mean, I"m afraid to touch the txt file incase I mess it up lol, you"re more than welcome to edit it though if you want

20.06.12 - 13:08 | b4St1@fuN
Negative-Gap looks not nice. Move the first note to time-stamp 0 and then adjust the Gap

20.06.12 - 12:24 | PreciousXkimmyX
So much better now! Thanks!

20.06.12 - 12:19 | ChrissyLeggs
TXT has been updated! All pitch errors have been corrected and Golden Notes added! Enjoy and please rate!

18.06.12 - 19:28 | ChrissyLeggs
Got a new software which is easy to use to make songs and more accurate, I will be remaking this and uploading soon

13.06.12 - 22:01 | ChrissyLeggs

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