Daryl Hall & John Oates - Out Of Touch
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Daryl Hall & John OatesOut Of Touch
Golden NotesYes
Date13.04.20 - 12:08
Uploaded bysledge
Song edited by:RetroGirl
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Comments by users (two cents)
14.04.22 - 21:34 | bohning

20.06.12 - 22:49 | Ankhman
there are some nasty little errors in that you have to search for .. the song is sometimes too noisy to hear the singing properly. not many, only a few, but they are quite well hidden. so it might take a little longer.

but overall - good work!

20.06.12 - 13:32 | sledge
Hello Mr Ankhman,

I used the audio from this video I linked to, I think theres quite a few different versions. Notes were taken from sheet music, but I"m not sure about a few of them

19.06.12 - 23:05 | Ankhman
thx .. was on my to do list too!

will test it asap

what is the source for the txt - the video or a single version?

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