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Date12.03.13 - 07:25
Created byfepo
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Comments by users (two cents)
24.12.22 - 00:09 | servok
Set #GAP:22600 to fit the linked video, added some breaks in very long lines, removed some commas. Very good work, especially the pitch

10.02.19 - 17:27 | lcga
I hate this song so much but what ever! if it doesn"t sync use #GAP:22500

have fun!

03.06.15 - 02:02 | darkmodo09
This song is awsome!

18.05.14 - 21:57 | lllll
Very good job!

05.03.14 - 13:18 | Fatalcreator
well done, had to shift the whole song a bit. nothing else to say.

12.03.13 - 18:58 | fepo
No Problem Bohning

Your Video fits

12.03.13 - 15:17 | bohning
Thank you.

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