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Date22.08.13 - 22:32
Created bysnake84
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Comments by users (two cents)
05.04.23 - 11:30 | bohning
Here’s the version that fits the official video.

23.05.16 - 22:09 | quicksilver29

help me ich hab alle Videos von youtube schon ausprobiert aber keins passt wirklich


29.04.16 - 22:36 | quicksilver29
Hallo auf welcher Video Basis ist der Text entstanden gibt es ein Video link


19.09.13 - 20:43 | balur001
Oh nice. Please let me know when you update the txt. thx

18.09.13 - 23:48 | snake84
Maybe I"ll update this txt to fit the real video version. Cant say when though.

18.09.13 - 20:36 | balur001
Nice song, but sorry I can"t find any mp3 or video for this version

08.09.13 - 14:09 | uweotto
Is it pssible to upload your Video on Youtube or someting, please?

27.08.13 - 13:52 | snake84
You are right. All videos I can find on youtube are longer (above 4 minutes and include the first rap part). The vob (dvdrip) I used for creating this txt has only one rap part.

27.08.13 - 12:44 | Ishee
Dunno looks like your version is missing the first rap part.

26.08.13 - 20:40 | snake84
The video version I wrote this txt for is 3:27 long. Should be original video version?

26.08.13 - 19:32 | Ishee
what version is this ?

23.08.13 - 11:11 | fepo
WOW, another 90ties Smash

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