Audioslave - Like A Stone
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AudioslaveLike A Stone
Golden NotesYes
Date07.02.19 - 10:35
Uploaded byboohjaa
Song edited by:daggeg
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Comments by users (two cents)
24.01.20 - 18:27 | GALILEO
I had the same problem as scudder when using the album version of the track. Setting #BPM:215,8 and #GAP:17610 worked perfectly. I didn"t check for the lyrics but the long "Alone" is still too short.

When using the official video #VIDEOGAP:3 works with the above mentioned values.

07.02.19 - 14:31 | daggeg
I didn"t create this song but the BPM works for me. Adjust the BPM or try to find another mp3. Anyhow, this time around I"ve improved the length of the notes quite a lot. I haven"t done anything to the lyrics though.

01.01.17 - 21:01 | scudder
BPM seems wrong. Video gets further ahead of audio as the song goes on.

Also a couple of incorrect lyrics.

And at least one long note ("Alone" that is cut very short compared to what is sung.

19.02.15 - 06:33 | daggeg
I"ve fixed those pitches that were out of tune.

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