Bring Me The Horizon - Drown
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Bring Me The HorizonDrown
Golden NotesNo
Date18.09.23 - 23:31
Uploaded byps2devil
Song edited by:Lazy157
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Comments by users (two cents)
18.09.23 - 23:27 | Hoanzl
As previous comments already explained, this txt had lots of errors. Words have been connected and only separated by a "-" and tapping and pitches had been done rather badly.
I corrected the errors and the txt should work fine as soon as the edit is accepted.
I also added golden notes and metatags.

And as
NcTcTPpSbKkVDFYgkpjj wished, I also uploaded an album version.

01.12.22 - 03:53 | NcTcTPpSbKkVDFYgkpjj
Yeah it's not very good. Hopefully a better version comes along, and hopefully it"s the album version.

09.08.16 - 17:08 | guichearmo
Thanks for the post.

It"s pretty awful, but I earn a lot of time if it"s already "done" so I only have to correct it

31.07.16 - 16:04 | ps2devil
use this video/mp3 with the txt ->

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