Ava Max - Sweet But Psycho (Album Version)
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Ava MaxSweet But Psycho (Album Version)
Golden NotesYes
Date12.12.18 - 17:53
Uploaded byaac
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Comments by users (two cents)
13.10.19 - 14:40 | wombling
#GAP:15497 works for me

04.01.19 - 23:19 | cRaZy-bisCuiT
Gap does not work for me. What"s the correct header for the song?

24.12.18 - 01:42 | kredus
Heyho, hat jemand die GAP für das Musikvideo?

13.12.18 - 12:42 | aac
Redeemer den Songtext habe ich so gelassen.

Durch deine txt als Vorlage habe ich ne Menge Zeit gespart

12.12.18 - 23:27 | Redeemer
Was hast du denn ganz gelassen?

12.12.18 - 19:33 | aac
I used the version from
Redeemer as basis and changed following things:

- Corrected the BPM

- Corrected Notes timing

- Correctet pitches

- adapt it to this version:

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