CHVRCHES - Warning Call
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CHVRCHESWarning Call
Golden NotesYes
Date06.06.20 - 02:54
Created byWannseesprinter
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Comments by users (two cents)
29.09.20 - 03:29 | RadianSilver
Hi Dude !! I Hope you"re fine and you really enjoyed a great summer !! As you can see i still stay tuned and i took a look at your board and i could see that you already initiated "Lies" From "Chvrches" so i just would thank for your respeted promise !!

15.06.20 - 23:48 | Wannseesprinter



14.06.20 - 16:45 | RadianSilver
Hi Wannseesprinter !! Thanks for your great job once again !! Don"t worry i still stay tuned !! There are so much others wonderful songs made by this talented band like "Tether", "Recover", "We Sink", "Dead Air", "Gun", "Under The Tide", "Clearest Blue" and of course "Lies" that i"ve already spoken last time !! In brief sorry but it seems that you have lots of work for years & years !!

06.06.20 - 15:27 | Wannseesprinter

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