Joost - Luchtballon
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Date09.06.24 - 21:09
Uploaded byGaryCXJk
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09.06.24 - 23:03 | GaryCXJk

A few points:

I've left the Here For You sample (from Danny Rhys' Here For You) in. You can just remove it if you want.

I've also added the monologue by Overthinking It at the end. It was an easy decision to keep it in, because it feels like an integral part of the song, but again, you may remove it.

The start of the chorus is a bit off-key. I decided to leave the note like that, because it's consistent throughout the entire song (mainly because he reuses that sample throughout the song).

I decided to just set "Joost" as the name, since that's also the name he uses on the single / album. Feel free to revert it to Joost Klein if it really is needed.

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