Coldplay - Clocks (Album Version)
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ColdplayClocks (Album Version)
Golden NotesYes
Date12.06.08 - 12:37
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Comments by users (two cents)
08.06.22 - 15:25 | bohning

08.01.21 - 17:20 | jimyh
Worked good with the Album version (maybe others too ?).

Maybe there are two little mistakes in the lyrics. But I am not sure because the original Album doesn"t contain the lyrics, but all Lyrics in the net are equal in that: both in first verses: "aren"t said" should be "unsaid" and "and tiger"s waiting" should be "a tiger"s waiting".

03.11.18 - 22:11 | coteesh
Good, but when singing with karaoke software, the notes for Youuuuuu... ahhhhh... lyrics are totally wrong. Whoever made this is tone deaf in those parts there. The rest is pretty close.

01.10.10 - 20:02 | eXscape
Worked on the first go

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