Black Sabbath - Children Of The Grave
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Black SabbathChildren Of The Grave
Golden NotesNo
Date23.06.08 - 19:11
Created bycrappy
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27.01.23 - 21:38 | bohning

22.09.08 - 15:04 | Belford
Sorry! I think I made the same mistake as Blink (dunno if I understood that german talk .

I tried to download this, but accidentally hit that rate button. It should have no number as default.

I"d probably give 4 stars as well. Good job! Some timings & heights could be better though.

24.06.08 - 12:49 | Blink1986
Sry habe mich beim Titel vertan.

Wollte hier eigentlich 4 Sterne geben. Musste lediglich ein paar Noten aufrücken damit die txt auf das Livevideo von youtube passte.

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