Boney M. - Sunny
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Boney M.Sunny
Golden NotesYes
Date10.04.20 - 10:43
Uploaded bySamson08
Song edited by:Samson08
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Comments by users (two cents)
20.04.22 - 13:04 | bohning

26.10.11 - 23:21 | squall_v
Great it worked perfectly now! thanks you alot for the fix! ^^.

21.10.11 - 10:36 | fepo
So, the Song now fits to the Video from me

The one Star is not justified.

The TXT was very good from Pitches and Notelenght.

The only thing i have done is bring the right BPM from the Video to the TXT and Set the Note on the right positions

21.10.11 - 08:00 | fepo
Hello Squali_v, sometimes a TXT is from the Quality not so good. I thimk that is in this case the reason.

lani wrote in German that the TXT does"nt fits

20.10.11 - 22:47 | squall_v
which mp3 is the currect one? found one thats rly close to it but stil out of sync :/. thanks

01.07.11 - 15:06 | lani
Hmm also die passt bei meinem Song vorne und hinten nicht...

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